To Nourish Dreams

One of our clients which to safe guard his pension to be able to withdraw from work at age fifty-five, another is saving to buy a house, a third want to pass on a considerable fortune to her children and grand children. The dreams of our clients differ and it is our task to realise them by different means.

Mahatma Gandhi once said –“There is nothing evil in capitalism. The evil is in the way it is used.” And this is certainly true in our line of business. Short term thinking combined with greed and poor knowledge, has given banks and the financial market as a whole a questionable reputation.

At Falk & Partners we try to see things differently. It is our continuous struggle to, with sound valuations, common sense and ethics as a base, stand out as role models.

We know we are privileged. To be trusted with an individuals’ capital, dreams and expectations, is indeed an honour. It is with this insight we begin our day, and it is also with that we end it.

With trust comes responsibility. Hence, we are always aware that each and every one of us here at Falk & Partners has a considerable responsibility. That is why we are humble and respectful when we are entrusted with

Our clients have high expectations when they come to us.  Sometimes even as high as we have on our selves. To live up to these expectations, it is crucial that we understand the complex theories and practises in the international financial markets. Knowledge is the most important input into the decision process. It is therefore vital that we constantly seek new knowledge and repeat old, to be able to remain sharp. We are however aware that we are not judged solely by our money management skills. We understand fully that our assignment also includes keeping dialogue with, and being a discussion partner to, our clients.

With knowledge we nourish and realise dreams – with care we try to make the journey there as comfortable as possible.