Our Knowledge

Our knowledge

Falk & Partners core competence and coat of arms, is in short Asset Management.  It is in this field we have our most thorough knowledge and where we can make the largest difference. Our genuine client care in harmony with our eagerness to learn and interest in the capital markets, has made us unique, and it will always be a beacon for us in our daily work.

With an inner drive we challenge ourselves to constantly increase quality and competence within the area of asset management. In that quest, will always the right knowledge and the ability to realise it a prerequisite for all development.

Relevant knowledge about the market

In asset management, to have the relevant market insights is necessary, to have it first is our goal. Basically it is all about, continuously, gather and process financial information, be it company results, macroeconomic data or geopolitical shifts. It is also crucial to be on top of changes within the market itself, like volatility, trend and correlation changes. When all the inputs are there we assess the possibilities vs the risks before the decision is made.

Relevant knowledge about our clients

When she speaks, we listen. When she shows, we watch. We always observe and listen to the needs and wishes of our client. This is absolutely crucial for her to be able to feel comfortable and satisfied as a client with us. After the frames for the asset management assignment is agreed upon, it is however seldom in the interest of the client to be involved in the day to day management. As an asset manager we always see to the long term goals of the client.

Knowledge about ourselves

The lack of self-knowledge, in combination with greed, often leads to unsecure and irrational behaviour which in our line of business sooner or later leads to devastating decisions and consequences. We are aware of these, very human, risks and do not try to ignore them. On the contrary by putting the problem in the lime light, and being honest and open to ourselves, we counteract them. Our reason and rationality is our compass -If one doesn’t know, one finds out. If one doesn’t understand, one asks. We are far from geniuses, but we always strive in that direction.

The insight about our own weaknesses is a first step towards wisdom.