Legal advice

During life, we are often changing legal status several times. We get married, we get children, and we sometimes get divorced, start companies or we move abroad. All these events affect your economy and it is not always straight forward to grasp the legal effects of these changes. It can sometimes be quite emotionally burdensome when legal differences occur with persons that are close to us. If a dispute occurs it is normally due to the fact that the legal positions are unclear or undefined. To avoid this, it is advisable to have a lawyer help you to clarify this before something happens.

Companionships agreements

Despite that there are numerous advantages by having a company together as a companionship, difference and disputes can arise as time goes. A thorough discussion can clarify if one have the same view of how the company shall be run. In a Companionships agreement one agrees on who shall do what, long term goals, successions, salaries, bonuses, dividends and other matters.

This makes it far less likely for disputes to occur and will keep legal costs low if they should. A meeting with our lawyers can help you avoid future problems, and heavy legal expenses.

At Falk & Partner will this be a natural part of the whole client relationship. We already know a lot about our clients’ financial situation and the lawyers do not need time to get and process this information since it is already in-house. Hence the legal counselling and advice will considerably cheaper.

Our lawyers’ special competences are primarily in Real Estate Law, Family Law, Corporate Law, Labour Law, and Administrative Law.